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Boosting engagement by 156% for Thailand cosmetic brand

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Explore how a beauty brand in Thailand personalises its creative assets to boost sales and engagement

The beauty industry faced significant challenges amid the COVID-19 pandemic, particularly in Thailand where nationwide lockdowns severely impacted mall foot traffic. Our client, a cosmetic brand, grappled with declining demand for makeup products due to people spending more time at home. Furthermore, the closure of malls raised concerns about hygiene and infection risk, leading to a sharp decrease in product exposure and experiential interactions. To address these hurdles, the brand introduced a "VIRTUAL TRY-ON" service to allow consumers to virtually test products and re-engage with the brand.


The Strategy

To glean crucial insights into our client's potential consumer base, we leveraged XACT, ADA's proprietary DMP. This data-driven approach informed our consumer persona targeting strategy, with a focus on driving traffic to the official website for the "VIRTUAL TRY-ON" service using Facebook as the primary platform. The utilization of VACE, ADA's Video Analytics & Creation Engine tool, enabled the creation of personalized messages tailored to establish a strong connection and relevance among the target audience.

The Results

  • Personalised creatives outperformed in every metric mainly in the Female segment. CTR was 156% higher, VTR was 279% higher, and VTR completion was 134% higher.
  • Cost-per-click (CPC) decreased by 27% compared to Generic creatives.
  • The number of purchases of Male was 5 times higher than Female. The test revealed that the brand needs to tailor their message to the Male audience.
  • View rate performance increased by 166%, with 139% for completion view rate.
  • The VACE tool reduced over 40 to 50% of working hours and increased the flexibility of plugging in and out of the messages.


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