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We used WhatsApp chatbot to help DAN+DAN boost customer engagement

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Boost customer engagement with WhatsApp chatbot. Learn how DAN+DAN shifted offline transactions online & increased product interest by 25% amidst the pandemic.

The Results


The Execution

As a relative newcomer in an already-matured Indonesian health andbeauty landscape, DAN+DAN operates more than 200 stores across cities, carryingover 10,000 beauty and personal care products. Concepted on a ‘one-stop beautyconvenience store (CVS)’ premise, DAN+DAN competes directly with 2 major groupsof health and beauty stores:

1. Established pharmacy/drugstore chains and their official onlinestores on marketplace platforms

2. Healthy and beauty brands own (and their official storeson marketplace platforms)

The entire landscape went through a change when the pandemic hit.

With mobility restrictions, offline purchases came to a total halt.DAN+DAN invested in thousands of products on the shelf but there was nofootfall. Prolonged lockdowns stalled local economies, with thousandsstruggling to get through their days. For DAN+DAN, this meant:

1. Moving offline transactions to the digital space

2. Health and beauty products became nice-to-haves and they were non-essentialgoods

3. Shoppers’ expectations soared: cheaper products, banded promotions,and better services

The Approach

Replicating the warm and neighbourhoodshopping experiences

While the plan was to go fully digital and move all transactions tomarketplace platforms, we wanted to keep the trademark of the physical shoppingexperiences alive – the casual conversations and quick consultations with storeemployees, rather than just scrolls and clicks.

Bridging the gap between offline andonline purchases

At a staggering 92%, Indonesia has one of the highest WhatsApppenetrations in the world. DAN+DAN worked with ADA and deployed an AI-poweredWhatsApp chatbot to interact with shoppers, enabling customer service andshopping engagements in a digital ecosystem.

Creating an online ‘face’

Diva was designed with one thing in mind – to be the closest thing tospeaking to a store employee. From the most generic questions to specificproduct inquiries, Diva is programmed to encapsulate the warmth and fuzzinessof physically shopping in a DAN+DAN store.

Deciding on Diva’s ‘job description’

Diva’s job scope is divided into two strategy streams: EngagementStrategy and Platform Strategy, each with specific tasks assigned.

Focusing on location and product-basedinformation

Diva's responsibilities in the Engagement Strategy stream were furthersplit into focusing on servicing both online and offline shoppers. Diva istasked to direct offline shoppers to the nearest outlet. For online shoppers,Diva is tasked to re-route them to live chat agents.

Preserving DAN+DAN longstanding tradition

Online shoppers could ask questions, seek recommendations, or requestsimple demos on the application of products through WhatsApp video calls,enabling DAN+DAN to preserve these personalisedinteractions via live chat agents.

Incorporating DAN+DAN-initiated chats andusers-initiated chats into the conversation flow

On the Platform Strategy stream, the objective is to ensure thatinteractions are the least intrusive as possible. Automated responses weredeveloped, and questions that could not trigger automated responses wereredirected to consultants. They’re also tasked to inform users about upcomingevents or attractive chat-only promotions.

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