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How ADA transformed broadcast to product sales with WhatsApp chat commerce for Dr. Dermis

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Learn how ADA helped Dr.Dermis leverage WhatsApp as a channel for better online customer experience.

Dr Dermis, a prestigious derma brand under the Bio-essence umbrella, recognized the potential of chat commerce on WhatsApp. They aimed to utilize this widely popular messaging app to enhance revenue generation and customer satisfaction. Leveraging WhatsApp Business, Dr Dermis sought to provide personalized assistance and foster meaningful customer engagements.


Dr Dermis opted to fully utilize the rich feature set offered by WhatsApp Business. Customers could initiate conversations with a simple "hi" and select their inquiry topic. Automated responses efficiently handled common questions and product inquiries, while more complex queries were routed to a customer service representative.

To elevate the overall customer experience, Dr Dermis established WhatsApp as a central platform for online interactions. An integrated automated chatbot provided customers with a menu to address their needs. This chatbot also acted as a knowledgeable consultant, gathering information on the customer's skin type and offering tailored product suggestions. Customers received detailed product descriptions and pricing information, with the option to purchase directly or speak to a beauty consultant. Additionally, the chatbot served as a valuable resource for FAQs, providing instant access to relevant information.


The strategic implementation yielded significant results:

  • Average response time of customer service notably decreased.
  • 80% of customer conversations now occur on the WhatsApp platform, indicating its effectiveness as a preferred channel.
  • Customers enjoy seamless access to the product catalogue, custom recommendations, pricing information, and live-chat assistance, all within a unified platform.

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