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CoPilot for XACT Data Segmentation

Your gateway to enhanced consumer insights and an innovative approach to consumer behavior analytics,providing unparalleled access to data across diverse markets. Boasting a substantial repository with over 400 million unique profiles, 1 million points of interest, data from 1 million unique apps, XACT clears the path for sophisticated market penetration strategies. This robust platform equips businesses with actionable insights gathered from comprehensive demographic analysis, affluence measurement, and interest categorization, enabling hyper-targeted advertising and advanced consumer engagement. 

Accessing XACT data segments has never been easier and safer.

Key features

Craft your strategies and find your target audience with ADA’s XACT Segments now at your fingertips

We are delivering XACT Data Segments to you in a safe, efficient manner, placing you in the driver’s seat of your strategy, and enabling you to access our data with just a few clicks on the Databricks Marketplace. XACT Data Segments are currently available on Databricks Marketplace in the form of:

Automated audience segments & profiles:

Filter consumer segments on multiple attributes to extract IFA ID's for targeted social and marketing platform use in seconds.

Data Enrichment:

Integrate and enrich your first party customer data with XACT consumer data in a PDPA compliant and secure environment using Data Clean Room to refine and execute your data workflows.

Consumer Profiler:

Access and download the latest consumer profile data sets by region, affluence, and interests for comprehensive internal data analysis.

Location Planner:

Coming Soon to Databricks: Exhibition Mall Event Planner – a tool designed to identify optimal mall locations for exhibitions that match mall visitors' attributes with targeted products and services.

Understanding customer trends for a Malaysian oil & gas brand with customer profiling

ADA's digital marketing strategy helps brand identify consumer personas and analyse consumer behaviour post marketing campaign launch.

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