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ADA captures young audiences through social listening & catchy music playlists for Toyota lofi drive beats

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Learn how ADA helped Toyota Indonesia leverage consumer insights via social listening to craft data-driven and impactful content marketing strategies.

In Indonesia, Toyota's reputation for reliability, after-sales service, and resale value has made it the go-to choice for many. However, a decline in sales, particularly among younger consumers, prompted Toyota Indonesia to seek ways to enhance brand relevance. ADA was tasked with capturing this untapped consumer segment and reshaping Toyota's brand perception



To align with the digital behavior of the younger Indonesian generation, we identified that music played a significant role in uplifting people's moods during daily activities. Building on this insight, we collaborated to curate two unique, locally-inspired playlists featuring the GR Supra and Yaris, creating a soundtrack for various activities, from work to relaxation, embedding Toyota into the daily lives of our audience. We initiated the campaign teasers across Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter to generate interest and intrigue among the audience. Following the teaser phase, we launched the Lo-Fi Drive Beats playlists on YouTube. To maintain interest and encourage engagement, we partnered with influencers to amplify the campaign and organized a giveaway to drive UGC submissions. To further expand our campaign's reach, we strategically invested in media buys on YouTube and Instagram


  • Achieved record-breaking retention rate – 609% higher than other historical content on Toyota Indonesia’s YouTube
  • Gained almost 130k engagements and 8.6 million impressions, way above the industry benchmark for a 1.5-month campaign
  • Achieved 70% view rate for 1-hour video content on YouTube (average benchmark: 30% to 50% view rate)
  • Saved 40% in CPC investment on Instagram resulting in close to 2 million reach
  • Improved brand perception with net positive brand sentiment

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