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We maximised reach and personalised engagement via WhatsApp Business account for Timezone

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Learn how ADA helped Timezone leverage WhatsApp as a channel for sending interactive broadcast message.

Timezone Group, a global entertainment service provider spanning 15 countries, prides itself on leading the charge in entertainment trends. With a commitment to delivering exceptional customer experiences, Timezone Group curates vibrant, inviting settings for family entertainment. To further enhance customer engagement, the company set its sights on leveraging WhatsApp's capabilities. In search of a strategic partner, Timezone sought to seamlessly integrate this powerful communication platform into its operations.


The initial step involved securing an official WhatsApp Business Account for Timezone, complete with the distinctive green tick, providing customers with a clear indicator of the sender's authenticity.

1. Integrating WhatsApp in the Digital Campaign Journey

By making WhatsApp the endpoint in their digital campaign journey, Timezone encouraged targeted users to visit their amusement venues. This integration seamlessly linked to Timezone's CRM system, enabling the collection of valuable insights about loyal customers and facilitating the dissemination of relevant broadcast messages in subsequent campaigns.

2. Utilising WhatsApp as the Primary Broadcast Channel

Leveraging WhatsApp's unlimited character feature, Timezone shared detailed promotional information with its audience. The incorporation of eye-catching visuals in interactive broadcast messages created an engaging communication platform, enhancing the overall user experience.

The Results

The WhatsApp integration brought forth substantial benefits:

  • Customer data validation ensured accurate targeting and personalized communication.
  • Direct customer engagement became possible, enabling Timezone to promote offerings, deliver targeted messages, and foster customer participation.
  • Increased engagement was evident, with more customers opening push notifications through the Timezone app or website, resulting in a broader reach and enhanced customer interaction.
"This strategic move has not only revolutionized our customer engagement but also solidified our position as pioneers in entertainment trends. The results speak volumes about the effectiveness of WhatsApp as a communication tool."

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