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We helped a leading Food Delivery and Quick Commerce brand expand business and increase orders

Data Analytics

ADA's multi-faceted analytical approach facilitates business expansion into 25+ cities and significantly reduces manual labour by 20%

​The Results


The Execution

The client faced a challenge in business expansion which was hampered by a complex movement planning process, which led to widespread issues like inadequate item stocking in dark stores and poor visibility for operational and promotional planning.​

ADA helped to implement a multi-faceted analytical approach, enhancing movement planning and stock availability through factor mapping, a linear optimization model for inventory management, a Power BI dashboard for increased operational transparency, and an automated root cause analysis for stock issues.​

This strategic approach facilitated business expansion into 25+ cities, improved item availability by 4 percentage points, doubled the orders per day, and enhanced team visibility, leading to a significant reduction in manual labor by 20%.​

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