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We helped leading Food Delivery and Quick Commerce brand improve the delivery executive’s retention

Data Analytics

Data-driven strategy and incentive campaigns improve the retention of new delivery executives for a leading Food Delivery and Quick Commerce brand.

The Results


The Execution

​The client faced a challenge with the retention of new delivery executives (DEs), who were increasingly inactive following the receipt of joining or referral bonuses, leading to a notable drop in the completion of the expected 30 orders within the first week of activation.​

ADA helped to implement a data-driven segmentation analyzing new delivery executives' work patterns from day one and categorizing them into groups based on their order completion frequency. Subsequently, we deployed A/B testing with inventive campaigns, such as a 'spin the wheel' contest, targeting DEs with varying levels of engagement to enhance their participation and retention. The effectiveness of these campaigns was measured by comparing results from the incentivized group against a control group.​

This strategic approach yielded a 4% increase in activation numbers compared to non-incentivized DEs, showcasing the effectiveness of targeted motivational incentives.​

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