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We helped a leading Food Delivery and Q-Commerce brand monetize brand insights​

Data Analytics

Resolve frequent wrong order deliveries and customer complaints by conducting an impact analysis and reforming the order SOP (124)​

The Results


The Execution

The customer is a leading food aggregator connecting restaurants to over 100M customers across the continent, generating $900M in revenue.​​

The client faced challenges to effectively monetize brand insights by consolidating various metrics to share with brands. This was crucial for brands to understand their market performance better and to refine their strategic approaches. Also there was the growing need for the automation of brand insights. With an increasing number of brands, the time required to compile data for a single brand became excessively long, thereby slowing down the process of onboarding new brands.​

To address these challenges, ADA introduced a strategic solution focused on enhancing operational efficiency and brand insight monetization through a two-pronged approach. The first part of the solution involved the creation of the Framework Generation module. This module was designed to amalgamate data into a centralized base table, which is pivotal for strategic decision-making. Automation of this process was achieved using Airflow, streamlining the collection and organization of data across the board. Concurrently, the Process Automation module, powered by Databricks, was implemented to further enhance the timeliness and efficiency of data sharing. This dual-module strategy facilitated a more streamlined and efficient approach to brand insight sharing.

The new strategy led to dramatic 85% decrease in manual hours for consolidating brand data across 1500+ brands and a notable increase in Revenue Per Order by 0.3 within a quarter.​

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