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ADA helped a global data integrator accelerate the development of light data connectors for a 10x growth in customers

Data Engineering

Boost customer base and revenue growth by 10x, increasing Annual Recurring Revenue by $1.9 million through accelerated development of light data connectors.

The Results


The Execution

The customer is a global leader in data integration, providing ready to use data connectors that automate the process of transferring data from different API sources to multiple cloud platforms. Over 1000+ global brands and large enterprises utilize their services to provide the data connectivity that powers their business decisions.​

With the rapid pace and availability of new data sources, the customer needed to quickly develop lightweight connectors  (Light Data Connectors) that were scalable and of high quality. Light Data Connectors are more manageable compared to standard connectors. The lack of inhouse experience and expertise to quickly develop Light Data Connectors meant that the customer would potentially loose customer opportunities and ultimately missed revenue for the company.​

ADA helped accelerate the development of the Light Data Connectors for the customer by utilizing our diverse skillsets and experience across multiple data sources APIs (e.g. REST, SOAP, Export) and data formats (e.g JSON, XML, CSV). Ada helped overcome technical limitations when building the connector pipeline by utilizing multiple programming languages (e.g. Closure and Java) to create a hybrid pipeline​

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