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ADA improves market access for biotech company's success with sales dashboards

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Learn how a leading biotechnology company in India builds sales performance dashboards to enhance market access and performance tracking.

Our client, a pioneering biotechnology firm renowned for developing life-changing medicines, faced the challenge of closely tracking vital KPIs spanning sales, patient support programs, reimbursement management, and distribution. To address this need, ADA proposed a data-driven solution, emphasizing the identification of key metrics and the creation of accessible, controlled dashboards.


The approach involved identifying pivotal data sources and KPIs across verticals. This paved the way for the development of access-controlled dashboards, providing a robust system for tracking, analyzing, and reporting critical metrics. Subsequently, ADA executed the plan, constructing specialized dashboards to cater to distinct aspects like Field Reimbursement, Patient Services, Brand Insights, and Specialty Pharmacy.


The implementation of Tableau-powered dashboards empowered market access teams to diligently monitor essential business performance indicators, including Conversion Rate and Time to Fill. This newfound efficiency in tracking and visualizing pertinent data has empowered teams to make data-backed decisions and foster continuous improvement.


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