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Engaging over 180k customers in a week through SMS location-based advertising for a multinational oil & gas company

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Discover how a multinational oil & gas company utilized SMS blasts and location-based advertising to reach potential customers during the mudik season in Indonesia and exceed an 8% click-through rate and 0.3% conversion rate, ultimately engaging over 180K customers in just one week.

The long-awaited moment has finally arrived. For Indonesians, mudik is a tradition where people embark on a journey to reunite and celebrate the holy month of Ramadan together with their loved ones. Some travel great distances by plane, while others embark on long road trips by car, bus, or even motorcycle. The newly constructed Trans-Java toll road provides an enticing option for those seeking to travel across Java to reach their destination.

For one multinational oil and gas company, this presented a golden opportunity to connect with potential customers. With gas stations strategically located at rest stops along the route, the company aimed to attract travellers with enticing promotions and superior service. However, the challenge lies in reaching out to these travellers who were already en route to their destinations.



Our approach was twofold. Firstly, we employed an SMS blast strategy, a direct and effective means to connect with potential customers during their journeys. Secondly, we harnessed the power of Location-Based Advertising (LBA) using GPS technology. This allowed us to send real-time SMS messages to individuals within a specific radius of our client's gas station locations at 12 rest areas along the Trans-Jawa toll road.

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The impact was staggering. Over 180,000 potential customers were engaged within just one week. The campaign exceeded expectations with a click-through rate surpassing 8% and a conversion rate of 0.3%. Notably, the promotion required a minimum gas refill of 25 litres, making these results even more impressive. The enthusiastic response and high engagement prompted our client to re-engage with us for further campaigns at other gas station locations later in the same year.

"ADA's strategic approach not only connected us with thousands of potential customers during mudik season, but the results exceeded our expectations. This success has solidified our partnership for future endeavors."

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