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ADA powers outstanding growth for a global food company through search engine marketing (SEM)

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Find out how a multinational food corporation uses SEM to lead 3 infant formula brands to be the top brands on Shopee Indonesia.

As public movements faced restrictions, consumer purchasing behavior transitioned from physical stores to online platforms. Simultaneously, advertisers redirected their investments towards driving traffic to and marketplace stores. In the highly competitive Growing Up Milk (GUM) category, our client managed three brands, all targeting the same primary audience with similar online behaviors and digital footprints. ADA faced the challenge of outsmarting Facebook's Collaborative Ads (CPAS) algorithms for optimal effectiveness. Additionally, GUM category consumers tend to stick with one brand once they find a product that suits their child, making brand switching a rare occurrence.



Establishing a Digital Presence on eCommerce Platforms:

Our client strategically focused on establishing a strong foothold in five major hubs. Executing an innovative CPAS strategy, we leveraged Facebook as a primary tool to engage both new and existing category users.

Implementing Search Engine Marketing (SEM):

To capture potential audiences researching infant milk and related topics on Google, we employed Facebook CPAs and programmatic techniques to redirect them from various digital platforms to the eCommerce platforms.

Facebook CPAS Retargeting and On-Site eCommerce Campaigns:

Upon reaching the platforms, we deployed Facebook CPAS retargeting and On-Site eCommerce Campaigns. These initiatives tailored their approach based on user profiles, aiming to pique interest in the product or encourage those already engaged on the platform to make a purchase.


  • Achieved an incremental Gross Merchandise Value (GMV) by 133%
  • All 3 brands of infant formula milk topped the charts on Shopee Indonesia

Facebook CPAS Campaign

  • Successfully generated a higher GMV by 85%
  • The actual calculated ROAS was at 7.45, with highest ROAS achieved at 9.53
  • Conversion rates from off-site platforms were maintained at 6%

On-Site eCommerce Campaign

  • The year-on-year investment brought an incremental GMV by 549%
  • Achieved highest calculated ROAS at 84.67
  • Conversion rate was maintained at more than 25%
  • Accomplished 1.3% of Cost Per Order of the total average basket size

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