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Harnessing ecommerce success for Amorepacific with digital marketing strategy

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Check out how Amorepacific Group builds a strong digital presence in Southeast Asia with ADA's digital marketing and eCommerce strategy.

Amorepacific Group, a leading South Korean beauty and cosmetics conglomerate, faced a significant challenge when the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted the retail industry. Their primary focus had been on offline sales, with digital marketing limited to brand awareness campaigns. With lockdowns and movement restrictions affecting retail, ADA was enlisted to pivot towards online sales in Southeast Asia (SEA). Despite lacking prior eCommerce experience in the region, ADA successfully guided Amorepacific in establishing a robust digital presence, creating compelling creative assets, and crafting effective promotional messages.



Our strategy focused on establishing high brand awareness and a formidable digital presence for Sulwhasoo and Laneige, new entrants in both the eCommerce space and the SEA region. Through meticulous audience segmentation based on social media behavior, interests, demographics, and purchasing intent, we ensured an active retargeting approach for optimal results. This approach was continuously fine-tuned over a year, employing key elements such as Collaborative Performance Advertising Solution (CPAS), a focus on seasonal holidays and interests, and maintaining creative consistency. In execution, our creative assets were tailored to showcase select best-selling products, while images featuring K-celebrities took center stage. The ad copy was concise yet persuasive, highlighting the core benefits of the products. Throughout the campaign duration, multiple creative variations were tested to gauge their impact.


The outcomes were nothing short of exceptional. The 12.12 campaign for Sulwhasoo SG achieved an astounding 1,078% return on ad spend (ROAS), demonstrating the campaign's remarkable effectiveness. Similarly, the 11.11 campaign for Laneige MY recorded an impressive 635% ROAS, underscoring the success of the tailored digital marketing strategy implemented by ADA for Amorepacific.

"ADA's expertise was instrumental in not only executing a flawless launch, but also delivering results beyond our expectations."

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