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We increased client’s sales ROI with Customer 360 Dashboard

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Improve sales efficiency: Lotte Rental gains insights with ADA's Customer 360 Dashboard

The Results


The engagement capability of sales consultants improved as they could design the right conversation scenarios with the right insights.​

  • Sales consultants achieved a higher level of engagement, contributing to improved overall performance. ​

The Execution

Lotte stands as one of the largest companies in South Korea, operating in diverse industries including food, retail, industrial chemicals, and IT. Lotte Rental, a subsidiary, manages an array of equipment, spanning robots, laptops, and construction equipment.​

The challenge at hand lies in equipping salespersons in the contact centre with comprehensive information about prospects during phone interactions, enabling them to provide tailored proposals and effective prospect management. However, the task was arduous, given that the available information was limited to just contact numbers and names.​

With Customer 360 dashboard implementation, ADA helped uncover detailed information such as preferred cars, historical usage patterns, and key considerations for service purchase. ​

The sales consultant now have a clearer picture of their customers wants and needs, enabling them to offer a personalised and informed interaction at the contact centre.​

The Approach

The solution involved delivering precise insights into customers who engaged with sales consultants at the contact centre. These insights revolved around the customer persona, including details such as preferences for rental cars, methods for exploring available options, historical usage patterns, and main considerations for service purchase (e.g., pricing, features, aftercare service). ​

A holistic approach was adopted, leveraging a customised Customer 360 dashboard. This integrated solution provides a comprehensive view of the customer’s journey within the car rental services, ensuring a personalised and informed interaction at the contact centre.​

On-ground interviews with sales consultants

​We interviewed the sales consultants to identify the challenges they faced in their sales interactions and understand the key elements they believe are crucial for effective customer engagement and conversion. ​

Design data model and dashboard visualisation

Next, we designed a data model that captures customer-centric information key decision points. We developed a dashboard that translates the data model into a visually intuitive interface. ​

Data synchronisation and front-end integration

A semi-real-time data synchronisation process was implemented to ensure that the information is current and relevant. The dashboard was integrated into the front end of the existing customer engagement web solution. ​

Educating and coaching end users

Finally, we developed a comprehensive training programme for sales consultants to address any concerns. Coaching sessions were held to familiarise sales consultants with the new dashboard and data model.​

Part of the Customer 360 dashboard designed for the contact centre sales consultants. ​

The results of this DX trial have underscored the effectiveness of a customer data-driven solution in real-world sales. Now, we are eager to delve deeper into understanding our customers further – Heeseok Eom, Leader of Data Platform TF​

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