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Maximising ecommerce success for AmorePacific during Ramadan

Customer Engagement

Discover how a major eCommerce brand boosted its promotion with SMS broadcast.

In 2022, an eCommerce brand in Indonesia identified a golden opportunity to tap into the user base of Indonesia's second-largest smartphone brand, comprising approximately 30 million individuals. Amidst the deluge of Ramadan promotion campaigns, this eCommerce brand recognized the potential and convenience of utilizing SMS for broader awareness. They sought a strategic partner to help them effectively reach out to this specific target group.



ADA adopted a two-fold messaging approach, opting for structured messaging that allowed for interactive and convenient message development. This approach simplified user interaction, as they only needed to click the call-to-action (CTA) button, aligning seamlessly with the messaging interface on smartphones.

To ensure precision in targeting, we implemented the following criteria:

  • Location: Leveraging geo-tagging, we precisely targeted users in specific areas of key cities like Jakarta, Surabaya, Bandung, Semarang, and more.
  • Social Economic Status: Our target group was segmented based on their phone's cost.
  • Operator: We focused on some of Indonesia's most popular provider brands.
  • Device Type: Specifically, we targeted three smartphone brands under an umbrella brand, honing in on eCommerce users.

Creating Maximum Impact: With meticulous targeting in place, we crafted a clickable SMS featuring three buttons:

  1. Bonus
  2. Flash Sale Offers
  3. Free Delivery


The impact was profound. The interactive SMS campaign achieved a remarkable 70% click rate, a testament to its effectiveness amidst the fierce competition of Ramadan promotions. Notably, the Free Delivery button emerged as the clear frontrunner, garnering an impressive 60% engagement rate among the three options.

"ADA's strategic approach not only reached our target audience effectively but also drove exceptional engagement rates. This campaign proved to be a game-changer in maximizing our Ramadan opportunities."

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