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Revamping customer emails for Owndays with marketing automation

Data & AI

ADA helps OWNDAYS to personalise emails for customers via MarTech Stack & MarTech Tools, leveraging marketing automation for brand digitalisation.

The Challenge

With digitalisation in focus for brands, there remains a shortage of skilled marketing technology (MarTech) talent in Singapore. OWNDAYS, the fast-growing multinational eyewear brand, was seeking to improve its data consolidation practices and optimise its use of marketing technology — but lacked the internal capabilities to do so. As their data was siloed within different platforms, the brand found it difficult to form and act on a comprehensive, unified view of the customer, making it difficult to plan and take the optimal actions based on customers’ needs and preferences. OWNDAYS needed a partner to help them reach out to both current and potential customers at the moment of truth, with the right vehicle and message.

The Strategy

  • Optimise email engagement

ADA tailored the customer email engagement with a fit-for-purpose MarTech stack. The objective was to identify opportunities proactively as well as capture customer data in real time, while also sending personalised emails that meaningfully lifted conversion rates.

  • Build a solid foundation in MarTech

ADA partnered with OWNDAYS to build a solid foundation in MarTech and hone a data-driven mindset.

The Execution

  1. Systems integration

When MarTech tools complement each other, a stack is worth more than the sum of its parts. The result is not only automation and workflow optimisation, but also smoother cross-departmental communication, and higher return on marketing investment.

  1. Email automation

ADA worked with OWNDAYS to set up automated email workflows for current and potential customers, reducing the time spent by the marketing team to compose and manually send emails to different audience segments. 

  1. Email optimisation

The workflow was optimised via a four-step process: Discovery, Identify automation opportunities, Develop findings, and Automation implementation.

The Results

  • OWNDAYS acquired the tools to maximise their email marketing performance and to integrate previously walled-off data points, so they can deliver always-on and targeted email campaigns seamlessly to customers. 
  • Generate monthly in-depth performance reports as well as send automated newsletters to engaged subscribers complete with relevant promotions, new product launches, and personalised reminders on abandoned carts.
  • 15% to 20% increase in open rate or automated customer emails.
  • MarTech Enablement empowered OWNDAYS to deliver personalised value to customers in the long-term.

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