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Translate millions of data points into an individual customer journey with Treasure Data

ADA and Treasure Data has partnered up to build a team of data scientists and solution consultants who can deploy data and insights to delight customers and drive sales for our clients.

Treasure Data provides an enterprise-grade CDP that enables scenarios for sales, marketing, and service via data, insights and enablement features. Treasure Boxes are modules on top of Treasure Data that can be developed and made available via the Treasure Data marketplace.

About Treasure Data

With harmonised data, your business can operate like a finely tuned instrument. From integrating millions of data points to orchestrating personalised engagement across channels, a CDP is built for your business to deliver.

Combined with ADA’s online and offline data from over 375 million devices around APAC, let our CDP experts supercharge your MarTech stack and boost your marketing ROI.  

Integrating Customer Data & Insights

Combine privacy with behavioral, transactional, real-time, streaming, and batch customer data to identify signals and turn them into actions—all in a single system.

Increasing Marketing & Operational Efficiency

With greater autonomy and direct access to privacy-compliant data, your teams can reduce costs and launch new products with speed.

Connected Customer Experience (CX)

Give customers a personalised experience with interactions across every channel, every department, every country, and every brand.

Data Unification & Single Customer View

Ingest and unify customer data from marketing, sales, and product systems, including Customer Relationship Management (CRM), web and mobile app logs, email marketing, eCommerce, IoT, and more, to create a single customer profile.

Insights & Machine Learning

Use machine learning recommendations, affinity, and predictive scoring to analyse customer data and provide a better view of the customer journey across channels, uncovering trends, and correlations to help improve the experience.

Personalised Activations

Provides real-time profile data to marketing teams to deliver personalised, targeted experiences across channels and devices.

Boost ROI

Optimise the entire customer journey from discovery to purchase to post-purchase. Increased revenue and reduce costs by sending the right messages, to the right customers, at the right time.

The ADA Edge

Managing all aspects of online sales can be challenging. Businesses need to create content that consistently drives traffic, manages customer experience, optimizes conversions, and increases customer engagement.

ADA offers a comprehensive solution that can be integrated with existing e-commerce services.


Explore the latest Omnichannel trends in Asia and how CDP can be the solution to realise the full potential of your Omnichannel future.  


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