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Igniting national spirit with Robi's patriotic rendition on Victory Day


Find out how ADA employs an effective digital marketing strategy to increase customer engagement by reconnecting people with Robi emotionally through patriotic songs.

Robi embarked on a mission to create a nationwide sensation that would not only reignite emotional connections with the brand but also establish it as a top-of-mind choice among the masses in Bangladesh. Drawing on the enduring power of patriotic songs from the Liberation War era, a campaign was devised to bridge generational divides and honor the valiant fighters of that pivotal period.



The strategy unfolded in two crucial steps. First, the iconic patriotic song "Nongor Tolo Tolo" was selected to serve as the focal point of the campaign. Next, influencers were enlisted to spearhead the initiative, while musicians were chosen through a community-driven selection process. Together, they embarked on a stirring recreation of the cherished anthem. The campaign was amplified through a robust digital presence on various platforms, including TV, social media, and radio.


  • 46.5% increase in audience brand health
  • 10.6 million total video played
  • 6 million total views on YouTube
  • 10.9 million reached for post engagement on Facebook

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