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Scoring 450k engagements for a top butter brand on TikTok

Digital Commerce

Top butter brand in the Phillipines partnered with ADA to relaunch a brand via Social Media Marketing. Increase sales and improve customer engagement through a TikTok campaign & hashtag challenge.

A multinational butter brand in the Philippines faced the challenge of declining market share amid stiff competition and a prolonged absence from advertising campaigns. To regain relevance, ADA devised a unique strategy leveraging TikTok to engage and entice users.



The approach involved launching a branded hashtag challenge (HTC) on TikTok, a platform known for its trend-driven content. By encouraging users to participate, the campaign aimed to create a viral trend showcasing the brand's versatility in cooking. Additionally, the product was introduced on TikTok to expand its reach and attract new and returning customers. To incentivize participation, rewards were offered to challenge participants.


  • 418K Total Page Views in the HTC page
  • 454K Total Engagements with Campaign Hashtag with 2.5% engagement rate
  • 21M Total Video Views against benchmark of 6M to 25M


  • Silver in Excellence in Brand Strategy category at Marketing Excellence Awards 2022
  • Bronze in Excellence in Mobile Marketing category at Marketing Excellence Awards 2022
  • Bronze in Social Media Marketing category at Marketing Excellence Awards 2022

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