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ADA boosts sales by 5370% for a Singaporean travel insurance brand with paid search

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Discover how a travel insurance brand in Singapore runs paid search campaigns and increases conversions by 5370%.

In the competitive landscape of Singapore's travel insurance sector, established industry giants typically hold sway over consumer preferences. However, when travel restrictions eased post-pandemic, an influx of brands and options inundated the market. To navigate this rapidly changing landscape and compete with dominant players during the surge in demand, our client required a dynamic strategy capable of adapting swiftly and driving sales. Our approach focused on cultivating various touchpoints to build brand awareness, fuel consideration, and ultimately drive conversions.



To address consumer demands for flexible, comprehensive travel insurance covering vital features like cancellation, refunds, and COVID-19 coverage, we adopted a full-funnel strategy. This entailed placing significant emphasis on search channels to engage potential customers at every stage of their purchase journey. Recognizing the critical battleground at the bottom of the funnel, particularly on platforms like Google and Bing, we concentrated on driving conversion.

We executed a multi-pronged approach, encompassing Facebook and search campaigns on Google and Bing, alongside the implementation of Google Performance Max campaigns. Thorough keyword research was conducted to comprehensively cover various user intents amid the market's volatility. Tailored remarketing campaigns were designed to instill a sense of urgency in prospects, with vigilant monitoring to seize opportunities for increased budget allocation based on emerging travel trends. Leveraging machine learning, we harnessed millions of signals to optimize bidding strategies for enhanced efficiency and conversions.


  • Successfully helped the travel insurance brand to establish its presence in a saturated market

  • Sales increased by 5370% within 6 months

  • 85% reduction in CPA

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