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ADA drives daily sales for Thailand Burger King with consumer data & insights

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Learn how Burger King in Thailand deploys data and media to drive daily sales by 12%.

Although Burger King in Thailand already had a dedicated fanbase, growth had stagnated over the past two years without major campaigns. Recognizing the need to expand their customer base, they conducted a survey which revealed that Thai consumers perceived the brand as less approachable. To rejuvenate their image, Burger King introduced a new Thai menu, launching a two-month campaign to attract new customers.



To meet their objectives, a comprehensive data-driven strategy was devised. The primary goals were to pioneer a unique campaign approach and gain valuable insights into consumer preferences. This involved strategic partnerships with Facebook and Google to analyze user behavior and tailor impactful ads. Additionally, a thorough competitor analysis identified the need for Burger King to establish a distinct identity in offering traditional Thai meals.

Advanced data extraction techniques, including Audience Explorer, Location Analytics, and Consumer Profiling, were employed to predict consumer purchasing behavior accurately. Hyper-specific audience targeting was executed, focusing on locations with Burger King outlets and leveraging geolocation data to pinpoint areas with high competitor footfall. Precision was maintained by excluding users who had already viewed the new menu.


  • 12% increase in daily sales

  • 4% increase in brand consideration

  • Reached 9.7 million users via digital ads on Facebook and Instagram

  • 2.62 million video views on YouTube

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