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Driving success on Shopee for a global mattress manufacturer's top-performing brand achievement

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Learn how a global mattress manufacturer employs Search Engine Marketing (SEM) to outperform its competitors during 12.12 Mega Campaign.

Founded in 2003, our client specializes in bedding products, particularly mattresses. Having entered the Vietnamese market in Q3 2020, they faced fierce competition from local players with over ten times the number of showrooms. The Vietnamese consumer's preference for natural latex mattresses posed an additional challenge, as our client's flagship ranges were spring and foam mattresses, considered unconventional and untested.



To tackle the complex landscape, we focused on understanding both online and offline consumer journeys, breaking our campaign into three key phases: how customers find us, what we offer them, and how to prompt immediate purchase decisions. We maximized organic traffic through a three-phase approach, channeling audiences from previous awareness campaigns into the Prospecting audience pool. To replicate the in-store experience online, we implemented a customer journey store flow and featured hero images. To enhance product visibility, we employed the "keyword bidding tool" on Seller Centre, optimizing the process across three phases. To captivate shoppers, we emphasized key details like hero images, official store logos, material information, size, and warranty on product pages. Finally, we created a sense of urgency by offering free shipping vouchers, flash sales slots, and more to encourage immediate purchases.


  • Revenue increased close to double compared to previous year
  • Store followers increased by 10 times of compared to previous year
  • Customer interactions increased by 3 times
  • Our client was named the top-performing brand in the Home & Living category on Shopee
  • Successfully introduced spring and foam mattresses to the Vietnamese market

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