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Find out how Boost utilises Audience Insights Tools to grow its new users by 12 times and increase weekly transactions.

As the COVID-19 pandemic struck, eWallet adoption skyrocketed in Malaysia. With businesses shuttered and the government advocating for digital transactions, Boost found itself in a fiercely competitive landscape. To stay relevant, Boost embarked on a multifaceted mission:

  • Engage and retain their existing user base
  • Acquire new users
  • Drive Gross Transaction Value (GTV)
  • Facilitate the shift of MSMEs online


1. Derive insights from XACT, ADA’s proprietary data DMP

We managed to identify specific B40 COVID-19 crisis personas and worked towards meeting their needs. These personas were: Adaptive Shoppers, The Bored Homebody, The Health Nut, and The WFH Professional.

2. Using GWI (Audience Insight Tools)

We found that endorsements by celebrities are 1.5 times more likely to persuade our users to use our brands. This insight was central to our idea of getting KOLs to promote the brand and engage with our users.

The Results



"Our strategic partnership with ADA not only drove impressive user growth but also rekindled engagement with our existing audience."

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