The benefits of best-of-breed solutions for MarTech stack

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This blog explores the advantages of using best-of-breed solutions in your MarTech stack, rather than a one-size-fits-all approach.

The world of marketing technology, or MarTech, has evolved rapidly in recent years, with new solutions emerging every day. With so many options available, it can be challenging for brands to choose the right tools to build a comprehensive MarTech stack that meets their unique needs. One approach that has gained popularity in recent years is the use of best-of-breed solutions, which offer a range of benefits that can help brands in Southeast Asia elevate their marketing game. 


What are best-of-breed solutions? 

Best-of-breed solutions refer to a strategy of using multiple standalone software applications that are best in their respective categories to build a comprehensive MarTech stack. This approach contrasts with the all-in-one suite solutions that provide an integrated set of features but may not excel in any one area. 


The benefits of best-of-breed solutions for MarTech stack 

  • Flexibility and customisation 

One of the biggest advantages of using best-of-breed solutions is that they provide a high degree of flexibility and customisation. Brands can pick and choose the tools that best suit their needs and integrate them into their MarTech stack. This approach allows brands to build a MarTech stack that is tailored to their specific goals, challenges, and budgets. 

All-in-one suite solutions, on the other hand, offer limited flexibility as brands are required to use the features and functionality provided by the platform.


  • Improved functionality 

Using best-of-breed solutions can help brands access cutting-edge technologies and functionalities that may not be available in all-in-one suite solutions. Brands can choose the best tools in each category, such as email marketing, social media management, customer relationship management (CRM), and analytics, to create a comprehensive MarTech stack with robust capabilities. 

On the contrary, all-in-one suite solutions offer a comprehensive set of features and functionality that covers multiple marketing functions in one platform but may not do a great job in other aspects.


  • Enhanced performance and efficiency 

By using best-of-breed solutions, brands can achieve better performance and efficiency compared to all-in-one suite solutions. Best-of-breed solutions often have a narrower focus and are designed to excel in specific areas, resulting in better performance and more accurate data analysis. Additionally, using separate tools for different marketing functions can lead to better workflows and streamlined processes, resulting in improved efficiency. 

Though all-in-one suite solutions may have a complete range of features, brands might gather less in-depth insights for them to run customer-centric campaigns.


  •  Lower cost and better value 

While all-in-one suite solutions may seem convenient, they often come with high price tags that can be cost-prohibitive for smaller brands in Southeast Asia. On the other hand, best-of-breed solutions can be more affordable and provide better value for money, as brands only pay for the specific tools they need. Additionally, best-of-breed solutions often offer free trials, so brands can test the tools before committing to a purchase. 

Unlike best-of-breed solutions, all-in-one suite solutions often come with a higher price tag due to their comprehensive nature.


  • Integration and scalability 

Using best-of-breed solutions does not mean sacrificing integration and scalability. In fact, many best-of-breed solutions are designed to integrate seamlessly with other tools, making it easier for brands to build a comprehensive MarTech stack. Additionally, as brands grow and their needs change, they can easily add or remove tools from their MarTech stack to meet their evolving requirements. 

While for all-in-one suite solutions, they may not integrate as easily with other tools, making it harder to customise the stack, causing more problems when the market need changes. 


In conclusion, using best-of-breed solutions for MarTech stack offers a range of benefits for brands in Southeast Asia. From improved functionality and performance to lower costs and better value, best-of-breed solutions provide a flexible, customisable, affordable, and scalable approach to building a MarTech stack that meets the unique needs of each brand. 



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