9 retargeting strategies to help your business increase sales


Discover 9 potent retargeting strategies that skyrocket sales. Optimise your business growth with these effective tactics!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Retargeting Strategies

How big of an audience do I need for retargeting?

There is no specific number that can determine the success of your retargeting campaign. In addition, each platform also has its own numbers and standards. However, in general, you will need at least 1000 audiences for effective retargeting. This number can provide enough data for the algorithms to optimise and personalise ad delivery, leading to better results.

Where does the retargeting campaign fit in the sales funnel?

Retargeting isn't confined to one neat stage in the sales funnel; it's a versatile tool that can nudge potential customers along their journey at various points. Imagine the funnel as a winding path, with retargeting acting as gentle reminders and personalised prompts to keep them moving forward.

In the awareness stage, retargeting can reintroduce your brand to those who've glimpsed it before, perhaps through search ads or website visits. By showing relevant ads based on their interests, you keep your brand top-of-mind, making them more likely to consider you when they're ready to buy.

As they move into the consideration stage, retargeting can address specific hesitations or provide additional information based on their browsing behaviour. Did they linger on a product page but not add it to their cart? Retargeting can offer a discount or showcase customer testimonials to sway their decision.

Finally, in the decision stage, retargeting can act as a final push. Limited-time offers or personalised bundles can incentivize them to finally convert. Even after they've made a purchase, retargeting can stay relevant by suggesting complementary products or building customer loyalty through exclusive offers.

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