The Ultimate Guide to Conducting Competitive Analysis in Marketing: 8 Important Steps to Gain a Competitive Edge

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The Ultimate Guide to Conducting Competitive Analysis in Marketing: 8 Important Steps to Gain a Competitive Edge

Data & AI

Master the art of competitive analysis in marketing with this comprehensive guide. Dive in to gain a strategic edge and stay ahead of the competition!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Competitive Analysis in Marketing

Is a SWOT Analysis a Competitive Analysis?

While related, SWOT and competitive analyses are distinct methodologies within strategic planning. A SWOT analysis evaluates the business's internal Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. 

On the other hand, competitive analysis zooms out to assess the external competitive landscape, examining rivals, market trends, and consumer behaviour. While a SWOT analysis is an integral part of strategic planning, it is just one component of the broader competitive analysis, offering insights into the internal aspects of a business.

What is the Competitive Market Analysis Method?

The Competitive Market Analysis (CMA) method comprehensively evaluates market dynamics, providing insights into the competitive landscape. It involves assessing competitors, industry trends, and market conditions to make informed business decisions. 

The CMA method includes identifying key competitors, analysing their strengths and weaknesses, studying market trends, and determining opportunities and threats. This method equips businesses with a strategic overview, aiding in effective positioning, product development, and marketing strategies.

Can Small Businesses Do Competitive Analysis with a Limited Budget?

Small businesses can conduct effective competitive analysis even with limited budgets. Utilising free or affordable online tools and resources, such as Google Trends, social media insights, and industry reports, can provide valuable information. 

Networking within the industry, attending events, and engaging with competitors' online content can also yield insights. Additionally, prioritising specific aspects of analysis, like online presence or pricing strategies, can make the process more focused and budget-friendly. While larger budgets may offer more extensive tools, small businesses can leverage creativity and resourcefulness to glean meaningful insights from available resources.

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