ADA Launches Hackathon to Strengthen Strategic Partnership with Meta and Fuel Business Messaging Growth across APAC

Monday, July 17, 2023
Thursday, July 4, 2024

ADA Launches Hackathon to Strengthen Strategic Partnership with Meta and Fuel Business Messaging Growth across APAC.


17 July 2023

SINGAPORE – ADA, the digital subsidiary of Axiata Group is partnering with Meta to launch a Business Messaging hackathon and further fuel the exponential growth of WhatsApp’s use as means for people and businesses to communicate across the APAC region.

ADA and Meta will be launching the biggest developer-focused Business Messaging Hackathon, ADA Business Messaging Hackathon 2023: Building the Future of Conversations starting July 17 2023. With a mission to enable 1 million large, medium and small enterprises across APAC, more than 10,000 digital talents comprising students, developers and entrepreneurs across Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia will join forces to build innovative chatbot solutions on the WhatsApp Business Platform.


From left to right: Pushpendra Singh (Head of New Programs, Meta), Francisco Varela (VP of Telco Ecosystem Partnerships, Meta), Alvin Bowles,(VP of Global Partnerships and Engineering, Meta), Vivek Sood (CEO & Managing Director, Axiata), Srinivas Gattamneni (CEO, ADA) , Paul Kim (VP of Telco Ecosystem Partnerships APAC, Meta)

The hackathon invites participants to use ADA’s Business Messaging Platform and APIs to build innovative chatbot solutions to solve real-world business challenges. Winners will stand a chance to bring home more than US$25,000 worth of prizes. For more information on the hackathon and how to sign up, click here.  

Srinivas Gattamneni, CEO of ADA said: “As seamless Customer Experience (CX) and stronger customer relationships continue to become the focus of businesses, ADA is proud to strengthen our strategic relationship with Meta by contributing to the growth of this ecosystem. This hackathon will be anchored on the WhatsApp Business Platform for our clients and businesses across APAC.”

Paul Kim, VP of Telco Ecosystem Partnerships APAC at Meta added "With more and more businesses and people connecting on WhatsApp, we are delighted to partner with ADA to integrate their CPaaS (Communication Platform as a Service) solution with the WhatsApp Business Platform. We hope that this hackathon will unlock innovative use cases which will enhance how businesses interact with their customers by offering more personalized and engaging chat experiences."

ADA’s Business Messaging Platform allows businesses to drive better conversations with customers in a personalised manner, boosting customer engagement and increasing customer satisfaction, leading to better sales conversions.

About ADA

ADA provides services that enable enterprises and brands to drive top line growth through digital marketing and sales transformation across Asia. It operates four data-driven service segments:

  1. Marketing: provides Performance Marketing, which enables clients to reach consumers efficiently on social media, native ads, display ads and search marketing; Creative Solutions to drive user engagement and conversation rates; and Marketing Technology Transformation involves consultation on the implementation of managed services that enable brands to achieve superior customer experiences with technology platforms

  3. Digital Commerce: provides brands with end-to-end store management to fulfil enablement on marketplaces, social channels, third party messaging channels and owned websites

  5. Customer Engagement Solutions: used by enterprises to enhance customer support and communicate with consumers in real-time through SMS, WhatsApp and other messaging applications

  7. Data & AI: enables brands to unlock the power of data through data engineering, analytics, strategy and management for seamless problem solving and enhanced business outcomes

ADA, which operates 13 offices across Asia with approximately 1,400 employees, was formed in 2018 and is headquartered in Singapore and Malaysia.









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ADA provides services that enable enterprises and brands to drive topline growth through digital marketing and sales transformation across Asia