ADA and Cycle & Carriage to Elevate Customer Experience through AI/NLP Integration

Friday, March 15, 2024
Monday, July 8, 2024

ADA, the region’s largest independent data, artificial intelligence, and tech company, together with Cycle & Carriage, Malaysia's top automotive brand, usher in a new era of customer interaction through the infusion of AI/NLP technologies into their MarTech ecosystem.

ADA and Cycle & Carriage to Elevate Customer Experience through AI/NLP Integration

[Kuala Lumpur, 15 March 2024] - ADA,  Asia’s largest independent Data and Digital Transformation company in Asia, is proud to announce its partnership with Cycle & Carriage, a premier automotive company catering to affluent and high-affluent segments throughout Malaysia, to integrate of AI/NLP technologies into its conversational engagement MarTech stack.

Cycle & Carriage and ADA Collaboration

Cycle & Carriage is a distinguished automotive company, established since 1899, serving the affluent and high-affluent segments across Malaysia. With a commitment to delivering unparalleled automotive experiences, Cycle & Carriage offers a wide range of premium automobile sales, services and products tailored to meet the discerning needs of its clientele.

The partnership between Cycle & Carriage with ADA marks a strategic move towards enhancing customer experience through the integration of AI/NLP technologies. This scope expansion demonstrates Cycle & Carriage's commitment to staying at the forefront of innovation and leveraging advanced digital solutions to better serve its clientele.

Mutual Trust and Strong Commitment for Customer Experiences

Throughout the partnership, ADA and Cycle & Carriage have forged a robust client-vendor relationship built on mutual trust and a shared commitment to delivering exceptional customer experiences. ADA's dedicated team has worked closely with Cycle & Carriage to understand their unique business needs and objectives, tailoring digital solutions to effectively address challenges and seize opportunities in the automotive market. This collaborative approach has enabled Cycle & Carriage to leverage ADA's expertise in AI/NLP integration, automated customer service solutions, and data-driven marketing strategies, resulting in enhanced customer engagement, streamlined operations, and tangible business outcomes.

The Strong Journey & Accomplishment

The journey of ADA and Cycle & Carriage's partnership has been marked by a series of key highlights and best practices that have set a new standard for digital transformation in the automotive industry. From the outset, ADA took a consultative approach, engaging Cycle & Carriage in workshops and consultation sessions to visualize practical business use cases and ensure alignment with strategic objectives. This proactive engagement laid the foundation for successful project delivery and paved the way for innovative solutions such as the AI/NLP integration and Conversational AI chatbot capabilities.

"The innovative solutions we've co-created for Cycle & Carriage have not only elevated customer experiences but also driven tangible results for their business. We eagerly anticipate building upon this milestone and fostering even greater collaboration to further propel Cycle & Carriage's digital transformation."  added Januar Wismoyo, Managing Director of Customer Engagement Solutions, ADA

The relentless support provided by ADA's team, coupled with their commitment to continuous innovation and exceptional customer service, has solidified Cycle & Carriage's trust in ADA as a strategic partner for driving digital transformation and achieving business success in the evolving automotive landscape.

"We are incredibly grateful for ADA's unwavering dedication and support throughout the WABA migration journey. ADA's commitment to excellence and innovative solutions has truly elevated our customer experience and positioned us for success in the digital landscape. We look forward to continuing our partnership and achieving even greater milestones together." Stephen Tan, General Manager, Head of Marketing, Cycle & Carriage added.

Reaching new heights in unison

As partnership has yielded encouraging results, Cycle & Carriage aims to further leverage ADA's expertise to enhance upsell and cross-sell opportunities, expand the coverage of CTWA campaigns, and maximize the impact of digital marketing and media services.

Cycle & Carriage will be the first client in CES to implement AI/NLP services with ADA. Through continued collaboration with ADA Marketing Service, Cycle & Carriage will increase the coverage and reach of CTWA campaigns, driving further business success using the latest in MarTech offerings.

About ADA

ADA offers a comprehensive suite of services that empower enterprises and brands to bolster digital marketing, sales transformation, and data transformation across Asia. The company has a multi-faceted, data-driven approach that encompasses:

- Data Transformation Services: Drawing expertise from data analytics, data engineering, and Customer Data Platform (CDP) services, ADA helps brands make data-informed decisions, optimize data infrastructure, and manage customer data effectively for personalized and efficient marketing efforts.  

- Marketing Solutions: This entails performance marketing, enabling clients to efficiently target consumers on platforms like social media, native ads, display ads, and search marketing. Additionally, ADA offers creative solutions tailored to boost user engagement and conversion rates. The segment also involves marketing technology transformation, which includes consultation on the implementation of managed services. These services equip brands to deliver outstanding customer experiences using advanced technology platforms.  

- E-commerce Solutions: ADA assists brands with comprehensive store management, ensuring smooth operations on various platforms such as marketplaces, social channels, third-party messaging channels, and proprietary websites.  

- Customer Engagement Solutions: Enterprises leverage these solutions to improve customer support. It facilitates real-time communication with consumers through channels like SMS, WhatsApp, and other popular messaging applications.

ADA maintains a robust presence in Asia with 12 offices spread across the region and employs approximately 1,400 professionals. The company's dual headquarters are in Singapore and Malaysia. Notably, ADA's shareholders include industry giants like Softbank, Axiata, Mitsui, and Sumitomo Corporation.

About Cycle & Carriage

At Cycle & Carriage, we are driven by our passion to create people-focused experiences. We began an exceptional journey in 1899 in Kuala Lumpur and we are now a leading regional automotive group in Southeast Asia. Cycle & Carriage distributes, retails and provides after-sales services for passenger cars as well as commercial vehicles in Singapore, Malaysia and Myanmar. Listed on Bursa Malaysia, Cycle & Carriage Bintang is one of the leading dealer groups for Mercedes-Benz passenger and commercial vehicles, as well as a dealer group of FUSO commercial vehicles in Malaysia. With an extensive network of 11 outlets across the country, we can always be relied upon for our sales and aftersales services. Cycle & Carriage Bintang has the largest network of Mercedes-Benz AG certified ‘Centre of Competence’ facilities in Malaysia for aftersales service. Cycle & Carriage Bintang is a member of the Jardine Cycle & Carriage Group. Cycle & Carriage. Exceptional Journeys.



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