AI CoPilots

CoPilot for Full Funnel Marketing

Elevate your Full Funnel Marketing with the ultimate edge: unified data and AI prowess. We’ve built a CoPilot that seamlessly integrates your diverse data sets, offering a 360-degree view of your customer journey within 24 hours of integrating. Its predictive powers will identify high-value users and refine campaigns across the funnel, enabling data-driven decisions to gain a competitive advantage. 

Find your edge with ADA CoPilot for Marketing.

Key features

Unlocking hyper-personalised & laser-focused Full Funnel strategies

We'll reach your customers' hearts,minds, and wallets with the help of AI: Predict campaign performance, ROI, and craft personalized strategies with insights derived from Next Best Action recommendations.

Integration with all major marketing tools:

The CoPilot unifies data from all your paid media, CRM, and analytics platforms, offering a comprehensive view of the customer journey.

AI-powered ROI

Our AI model will predict the effectiveness of your full-funnel campaigns, enabling you to make swift decisions on your spend and generate real ROI.

Segment-level next best action

Machine learning delivers cohort-level consumer insights, allowing for highly targeted and personalized media, creative, and web/app experiences.  

We achieved victory with an outcome-based model for TMRW by UOB's through 35% weekly surge in new user acquisition

Learn how TMRW by UOB propels new users' acquisition by 35% weekly and reduces cost per acquisition by more than 240% with an outcome-based model.

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