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CoPilot for Ecommerce

Supercharge your ecommerce game with our data and AI-powered CoPilot, delivering real-time market, store, and campaign analytics alongside advanced predictive capabilities. Craft competitive ecommerce strategies with confidence and foresight, gaining the edge to outpace competition.

Bring you ecommerce operations to the new level.  

Key features

Unlocking the power of your Data

The CoPilot unites diverse data from multiple sources into one hub, giving you instant access to actionable, silos-free, holistic insights. From your inventory levels, to your marketing performance, your ecommerce intelligence is now at your fingertip. With AI-powered Predictive Analytics, we’ll empower you to identify trends, make smart, swfift decisions, and craft unbeatable pricing and promotion strategies.  

Data integration from multiple sources:

The CoPilot unites disparate data sets, bringing together marketplaces and marketing platforms data, as well as data from your operations.

Real-time Insights

Gain a competitive edge with personalised reports and dashboard’s real-time monitoring, ensuring you're always ahead of the curve.

Predictive Analytics

AI-powered predictions for optimised demand forecasting, inventory management, and pricing strategies.

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