How to create a winning omnichannel strategy for Ramadan

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A fit-for-purpose MarTech Stack & Data Management Platform lets brands integrate data from various touchpoints and increase conversion with Marketing Automation.

Although Ramadan just concluded, it’s never too early for marketers to start calibrating and coordinating for next year’s campaign. In 2023, brands will have to rely even more on their marketing technology (MarTech) tools to design and deliver a data-driven omnichannel strategy.

A fit-for-purpose MarTech stack will allow brands to integrate their customer touch points, both online and offline, as well as track and measure the success of their marketing campaigns at a granular level. That combination of data and technology is what marketers need to obtain — deep customer insights to create a personalised omnichannel experience at the 1:1 level.

This article explores how brands can harness the abundant omnichannel marketing opportunities during Ramadan with MarTech.


Double Down on Data

Come Ramadan 2023, customers will be expecting 1:1 personalisation, and marketers will have to deliver. There will be plenty of chances to achieve that – the holy month coincides with peak smartphone and other digital consumption – making it necessary for brands to dial into data-driven approaches.

The trouble for marketers is, the data they need to paint a complete picture of their customers is often sequestered inside various disconnected siloes.

Tools such as a Customer Data Platform can help break down those silos and connect a myriad of customers’ touch points, providing the marketing team with a single source of truth on both online and offline behaviour. Only by unifying the data around a customer’s full set of interactions can marketers mount an effective personalised omnichannel experience across all their platforms, and at the scale and timing required.

For instance, if a brand has their customers’ content and privacy preferences on file alongside some predictive insights on purchase intent, then she can be served with targeted communications as well as promotions on her favourite channels, whether that be social media like Instagram or messaging platforms such as WhatsApp.

Leverage Automation Tools

How to increase conversion with marketing automation

Because mobile and social media use are at all-time highs during Ramadan, brands will have trouble keeping up with and activating their customers in real time without the right automation toolbox. And as Ramadan is the perfect time for brands to create meaningful engagements with customers across multiple channels, marketers need to do all they can to ensure their technology stack is up to the task.

Automation tools scale-up creative assets production and aid in decision-making, letting brands optimise their conversion and retention outcomes across the customer lifecycle.

But marketers need to start from the strategy and ensure that their customer journey and call-to-action for each stage are well-defined, so the relevant personalised messaging content can be triggered by MarTech tools at the appropriate times and touch points.

Growing Beyond Ramadan

The Ramadan season is primetime for brands in Southeast Asia to get their omnichannel house in order. In 2023 and beyond, much of their success will come down to not only how well they craft the campaign messaging, but also how effectively they tap into the full potential of their data and MarTech stack.

Discover how you can build an effective omnichannel marketing strategy for Ramadan by watching the full video from our Indonesia Focus webinar. 

Win Ramadan 2022 with an Omnichannel Strategy

Marketing Technology (MarTech) offers a range of software and tools to help businesses optimise and automate marketing efforts across various channels to achieve their business objectives. Find out how MarTech can help you win big this upcoming Ramadan in this session.

Moderated By

Faradi Bachri

Country Director, Marketing Services, ADA in Indonesia 

Presented By

Aldila Septiadi

Lead Consultant, Marketing Technology Practice, ADA in Indonesia 



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