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Learn how to get verified in WhatsApp business and experience the benefits, such as enchancing customer experience and trust, in this article!

Picture this: You're in contact with your favourite brand, trying to get your hands on the latest apparel for the season. If we were to put ourselves in the shoes of our customers, which of the following would you prefer?




The one on the right, yes?

Often during a conversation, customers will first identify and recognise the contact's name before chatting or enquiring further. The WhatsApp green tick that appears next to your brand's display name is one of the simplest yet effective ways to win customer trust. It's a symbol that proves your business account has been verified.

While many businesses have activated their WhatsApp Business Account on their mobile phones, not all are eligible for the coveted green verification tick. This symbol of exclusivity and credibility can only be obtained by undergoing a rigorous process that involves API activation and background checking. Merely activating your business account does not guarantee the acquisition of the green tick.

How to apply for WhatsApp Green Tick Verification

Here are the steps to get a green badge or tick for your Whatsapp business accounts:

1. Enable your WhatsApp Business Platform

Only business accounts that use the WhatsApp Business Platform are eligible to apply for the green tick. It requires several verifications, including submitting relevant business information and creating a Facebook Business Manager account. The process will take a few days' time.

2. Apply for verification through WhatsApp Business Solution Provider

WhatsApp has a set of criteria for businesses to fulfil in order to obtain the green tick. Registration will take up approximately 7 days, at max. You will receive a confirmation if your registration is successful.

3. Getting your business account verified

The green tick serves as an indicator to customers that the messages they receive are from your brand's official account. Once your business account is verified, the green tick will appear next to your display name.

What to do if your green tick verification request is denied

If your application is rejected by WhatsApp then there is no need to panic.

Getting a green tick on WhatsApp is not an easy thing; if it were easy then the value and benefits that businesses would get by having a green tick would be worthless.

So, what can you do? WhatsApp itself never shares the details of why it rejects a green tick application. What WhatsApp does tell you is that businesses can reapply after 30 days.

To help you in the process of getting a green tick on WhatsApp here are some tips that you can apply:

1. Complete and Optimise Your WhatsApp Business Profile

Create a detailed WhatsApp Business profile. Provide all relevant business information, including your business name, phone number, address, email, and website. Use a recognisable profile picture or logo. An incomplete or inconsistent profile might reduce your chances of verification.

2. Build a Strong Online Presence

Maintain a robust online presence across various platforms. This includes having an active website, social media profiles, and other digital channels. The more established and visible your brand is, the more likely WhatsApp is to consider your verification request.

3. Consistent Branding

Maintain a consistent branding strategy across your WhatsApp profile and other online channels. Use the same logo, colours, and brand messaging to reinforce your brand identity.

4. Verify Your Website and Social Media Links

If you have a website and active social media profiles, consider verifying them through your WhatsApp Business account. Linking your WhatsApp account to these official online properties can strengthen your verification request.

How does having an official business account on WhatsApp help business

Having an official WhatsApp business account offers several significant benefits for businesses, enhancing their credibility and communication with customers. Here are the key advantages:

1. Enhanced Trust and Credibility

A WhatsApp Green Tick signifies that a business's account has been officially verified by WhatsApp. This verification badge boosts trust among customers, as they are more likely to engage with and respond to messages from businesses they know are legitimate. It distinguishes your business from potential impersonators or scammers, strengthening your brand's credibility.

2. Visibility and Discoverability

Verified businesses have the advantage of being listed in the WhatsApp Business Directory. This directory helps customers d connect with businesses more easily. As a result, your business can reach a broader audience and attract potential customers who actively use WhatsApp for communication.

3. Increased Response Rates

Customers often feel more confident reaching out to businesses with a Green Tick because they know their messages are more likely to be seen and responded to promptly. This can lead to higher response rates and improved customer engagement, ultimately enhancing the customer experience.

4. WhatsApp Business API Access

WhatsApp Green Tick verification is often a prerequisite for accessing the WhatsApp Business API. This API allows businesses to integrate WhatsApp into their customer communication systems, providing automated responses, transactional messages, and other advanced features. It opens up opportunities for more efficient and scalable customer interactions.

5. Enhanced Brand Image

Having a verified WhatsApp Business account adds a layer of professionalism to your brand image. It demonstrates your commitment to providing a secure and trustworthy communication channel for customers. This positive brand perception can influence purchasing decisions and long-term loyalty.

6. WhatsApp Business Features

WhatsApp offers additional features for businesses, such as message templates, automated greetings, and labels for organising conversations. These features enhance your ability to provide efficient and personalised customer service, marketing, and transactional messaging.

In summary, obtaining a WhatsApp Green Tick for your business provides a multitude of benefits, including increased trust and credibility, better discoverability, higher response rates, access to advanced features, and a competitive edge. It not only enhances the customer experience but also strengthens your brand's position as a trusted and legitimate entity in the eyes of your audience.

Where do you go from here?

Now that you can engage with your customers on a personal level, it's crucial to delight them by providing a personalised, seamless, and faster customer experience on WhatsApp.

As a WhatsApp Business Solution Provider, we are committed to assisting businesses in thriving by improving their customer experience. Contact us for an end-to-end, hassle-free, and easy implementation today!



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